Dearest Myanh,

Thank you for Thank you for organising the trip to Mongolia to see the Eagle Festival, it was a terrific trip and we really enjoyed ourselves!

We loved Mongolia and its people, and it is definitely a country that we would consider going back to. The scenery was fabulous and varied and although the people tended to be quite reserved they were very friendly and welcoming. Our guide in Ulaanbaatar was a great guy and we had many interesting conversations with him about history, culture, politics, economics, TV, films and music over the time we spent together. And he was very attentive to our needs. The trip all worked OK, but it was lucky that we had packed our sense of humour and patience, because we did need both occasionally.

The Hotels in Ulaanbaatar and Terelj were both absolutely fantastic and the Altai Peaks Ger Camp in Olgii was also very nice, the people there were friendly and the food was very good, even for us vegetarians! Other hotels were 'interesting' but acceptable considering how remote the places were that we were staying.

The Eagle Festival was wonderful, and staying with the eagle trainer beforehand was a stroke of genius because we already had a sense of understanding about what was going on. Then it was exciting to see our host trainer and his son taking part in the competition and we felt like we were part of it and we could cheer them on. The festival was easily the high point of the entire trip, despite the cold and the wind and the dust and the crowds, and was actually one of the most exciting and spectacular things we have ever seen.

Kindest regards,

Clint and Jude Bull

The Eagle festival in Olgii

The Altai range in Western Mongolia

Ghengis Khan Memorial

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