Beijing - Pyongyang - Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - Kaesong - Sariwon - Mt.Myohyang - Wonsan - Mt.Kumgang - Pyongyang

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Tour Price : £2,495 per person

This tour can be arranged as a private tour for 2 persons at a surcharge of £295 each .

Price includes : Visa for North Korea, flight Beijing-Pyongyang, airport transfers, hotels as specified, all meals in North Korea, admission fees unless specified otherwise, English speaking local guides, Metro rides, Overnight Train or flight Pyongyang-Beijing.
Price excludes : International flight from the UK to Beijing and return, visa for China (If needed - Stays in Beijing of less than 72 hours don't require a visa, but this visa waiver does NOT apply to passengers arriving or departing Beijing by train), main meals and optional visits in China.
Single supplement : £995 per person

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Come and see how Pyongyang people celebrate their National Day ( 09Sep ) with Mass Dance in the capital square and streets, experience a Tram ride around the city ( for groups only ), visit Kumsusan Palace of Sun built for President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - one of the most heavily militarized places on the planet, explore Mount Kumgang ("Diamond Mountain") and Mount Myohyang and the International Friendship Exhibition - the world's biggest treasure-house displaying the gifts received by Korean leaders over the years, and much more....

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03 Sep : Depart from the UK. Fly to Beijing.

04 Sep : BEIJING (-/-/-)
Arrive in Beijing. Join hotel shuttle bus to 4* CITIC hotel near the airport. Leisure time at hotel and overnight.

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A street of Pyongyang

After breakfast join hotel shuttle to airport for a short flight to Pyongyang by Air Koryo flight JS 152. Arrive in Pyongyang at 14.30 local time. Welcome to the DPRK ( Democratic People's Republic of Korea ) . Meeting with local guide and transfer to the city centre. Enroute stop by Arch of Triumph - built in 1982 to commemorate President Kim Il Sung’s role in resisting Japanese rules, it is the second tallest triumphal arch in the world. Each of its 25,500 blocks of finely-dressed white granite represents a day of his life up to that point.

Check-in at the Yanggakdo International Hotel beautifully located in the middle of Taedong river. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

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Arch of TriumphPrimary school

After breakfast overland transfer to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea, it is one of the most militarized area on our planet.

Visit Panmunjom - a village where the 1953 Armistice Talks were held between the DPR Korea and the United Nation Command. Visit the blue tent-like building located exactly on the borderline between North & South Koreas. Walk around in the conference room and find yourself in both North & South Korea while you are in this building. This is one of the few places where visitors are allowed to take pictures of the DPRK military.

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Transfer to Kaesong - capital of Korea up to the 15th century. Kaesong is the only city in Korea which has preserved its original historical make up as it was not destroyed during the Korean war. It is home to 12 historic sites from the UNESCO World Heritage List. Kaesong is also the place to get the best Koryo insam (ginseng) known as a reliable source of minerals & vitamins.
Walk in Janamsan Park - located on a hill overlooking the city for a beautiful panoramic view of the old Kaesong.

Visit Sungkyunkwan University - the oldest Confucian University established in the 10th century. Kaesong Koryo Museum was opened here in 1987 to exhibit one of the largest wooden buildings still existing in the DPRK. You can also see several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Sonjuk Bridge - a small stone bridge dating back to 1216.

Enjoy lunch at Tongil restaurant - "Tongil" means "Reunification" in Korean. This is one of the most famous restaurants in Kaesong offering multiple dishes royal meal.

Drive to Sariwon - the southern gateway to Pyongyang. With a population well above 300,000 Sariwon is one the most densely populated cities of the DPRK and is renowned for its Maccoli - Korean traditional rice wine.

Enjoy a stroll in Sariwon Folk Customs Street - a great place to see Korean old traditions and customs.

Explore Mt.Jongbang - a 481m high mountain to discover the historical fort dated back to Koryo Dynasty and the stunning beauty of natural landscapes around it.

A brief visit to Songbul Temple first built in 898 and later rebuilt during Koryo dynasty.

Drive back to Pyongyang. Enroute photostop at the Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification - expressing the desire of Korean people for Reunification. It is shaped in form of two Korean women holding Korean peninsula over the Thongil highway from Pyongyang to DMZ.

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Dinner and overnight in Pyongyang.

After breakfast visit Pyongyang Ostrich Farm before driving to Mt.Myohyang - the Mountain of Mysterious Fragrance, one of the five celebrated mountains of Korea. It is a sacred site as, according to legend, it was home to King Tangun, the forefather of the Korean people. In 2009 UNESCO designated Mount Myohyang as a world biosphere reserve.

Upon arrival visit the grand International Friendship Exhibition - the world's biggest treasure-house. On exhibit displays the gifts received by DPRK's leaders over the years. One of the buildings stores the presents given to President Kim Il Sung, while a smaller one holds those given to Leader Kim Jong Il.

Afterwards relax in the tranquil Pohyon temple - one of the five famous Buddhist temples of Korea, built nearly 1,000 years ago. Lunch at a local restaurant.

Afternoon start an easy hike ( 4 kms each way ) in Manphok valley - "Manphok" means in Korean "valley of ten thousands falls". During the walk beautiful hermitages, rocks, caves, falls, and pavilions can be found.

Dinner and overnight at Hyangsang 5* hotel situated on the foot of Mount Myohyang.

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Pyongyang Metro

08 Sep : PYONGYANG (B/L/D)

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Kumsusan Palace of Sun

After breakfast drive back to Pyongyang. Visit the incredible Kumsusan Palace of Sun - Mausoleum for president Kim Il Sung and for the leader Kim Jong Il. To visit the Mausoleum tourists should follow a strict dress code: no shorts, T-shirts and sandals, no blue jeans or mini-skirts.

Pay respect to revolutionary heroes in Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery - a cemetery and memorial to the North Korean soldiers fighting for freedom and independence against Japanese invasion.

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Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetary

Visit one of the finest museums of the DPRK Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum - unveiled in 2013 by the leader Kim Jong Un after a massive renovation. This museum explains the origins of the Korean War (1950-53) between South and North. Here visitors will see the only US ship captured by a foreign country - the spy ship USS Pueblo, as well as American weapons and shot down planes. The museum features amazing displays and excellent dioramas.

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Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum

Next enjoy a ride in the impressive Pyongyang Metro - one of the deepest undergrounds in the world, it was designed to serve as a bomb shelter in case of war. The stations are beautifully decorated with colourful lights and mosaics. This is a great chance to interact with local people and visit several stations in the network. Walk down Kim Il Sung Square - Pyongyang’s central square where Korea’s massive military parades normally take place. Opened in August Juche 43 (1954) it is the 30th largest square in the world.

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Kim Il Sung Square

Lunch while cruising leisurely on the pleasure boat in Taedong river.

Visit the Korea Fine Art Gallery which houses a great number of precious ancient Art works created during the anti-Japanese revolutionary campaign.
Continue with a walking tour of the Pyongyang city centre with a stop in Pyongyang Foreign Language Book Shop - a very popular shop where one can buy propaganda posters, books and souvenirs.

Next we head to Taedong Park - a great place located a few minutes away from Kim Il Sung Square to enjoy a peaceful walk in the park along Taedong river.
Taedong Park is full of hidden treasures. Don’t miss one of them - Pyongyang Bell - national treasure, rung to announce invasions, natural disasters, New Year's Day and other major events. The current bell was cast in 1726 during the Ri dynasty to replace an earlier one that was destroyed by fire in 1714.

Walk along the Taedong river to Taedong Gate - built in the mid-6th century, it is the east gate of the inner castle of the Walled City of Pyongyang (Pyongyang Castle, Koguryo dynasty) situated on the bank of River Taedong.

Stop by Ryonggwang Pavillion - one of the 8 scenic wonders of western part of Korea.

Our last stop is at Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace -Opened in 1989, it has recently been renovated to serve as a Centre for local children's after school activities. Sit back and enjoy some charming performances by talented children.

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Mangyondae School Children's Palace

Dinner and overnight in Pyongyang.
In the evening there is an option to visit the Golden Lane Bowling Centre - a huge entertainment place - with a good chance to mix with locals and watch some local bowling talents. There is also a shooting range next door for those interested.

09 Sep : PYONGYANG (B/L/D)

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Parade on National Day

Breakfast at the hotel
Walk in Mansudae Fountain Park with its beautifully designed fountains in the shape of dancing women whose jets of water reach up to 80m high.

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Mansudae Grand Monument

Visit the majestic Mansudae Grand Monument - the huge bronze statues of the leaders standing in the centre of the ensemble with two monuments titled "Anti-Japanese Revolutionary War" and "Socialist Construction" on both sides. It was renovated in April 2012 following the passing away of the leader Kim Jong Il and a new statue of Kim Jong Il was added next to Kim Il Sung's.

Drive to Mangyongdae Native House - the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung
Experience a unique Tram ride around the city ( only available for groups )- a ride from near Mangyongdae Native House to Pyongyang Railway Station with a stop at Pyongyang Circus. The tram system was built after the end of the Korean War and is still the main means of transportation for the working population in Pyongyang.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

Visit to the Military Hardware Exhibition House of the Korean People's Army - one of the finest, most impressive museums in the DPRK offering an amazing display different kinds of weapons and combat equipment: small arms, artillery, tanks, warships, aircrafts and strategic rockets produced at munitions factories of the DPRK ( this visit is subject to availability ).

Observe Pyongyang daily life from the top of Juche Tower - at 150m it is the highest stone monument in the world. Take the elevator to the top of the tower to enjoy the magnificent view of Pyongyang.

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Back to the street we visit the Monument of Workers' Party of Korea - opened in Juche 84 (1995) the monument depicts the hammer, sickle and brush seized by a worker, a farmer and an intellectual. The round belt means the single-hearted unity of the leader, Party and people.

Finally enjoy the Mass Dance - one of the best known images of North Korea: students of local universities pour out on the main city squares and dance happily dressed in their bright and colourful traditional Korean costumes.

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Mass dance on National Day

Enjoy some other National Holiday festivities:
We recommend the Korean People Army's Circus - opened in Juche 53 (1964) to host about 1600 spectators. (Tickets included in the tour package)
Or join in the Kaeson Youth Funfair (entrance ticket 15-20 Euros payable at the gate)- one of the most popular amusement parks and nightspots in Pyongyang. This is a good place to meet local people and take pictures with them.

Dinner at a BBQ Duck Restaurant .

Evening watch firework displays on the occasion of the National Day. And try a Pyongyang microbrewery and bar to taste several types of locally brewed beer and a wide variety of drinks (at your own expense)

Drive to Wonsan - the port city and naval base on the westernmost shore of the East Korean Sea and Korea’s 5th largest city. There are beautiful beaches around Wonsan making it a popular holiday destination for the locals.

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Wonsan Agricultural UniversityWonsan harbour

On the way make a brief stop at Sinpyong Lake half way between Pyongyang and Wonsan. Arrive in Wonsan and take a short break in Wonsan central square. Lunch at Kalmaegi fish restaurant in Wonsan.

Afternoon enjoy a stroll in Songdowon International Children's Union Camp by the sea boasting white sandy beaches - a perfect place for children to enjoy outdoor activities in the summer time.

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Chonsam cooperative farm

Visit Chonsam cooperative farm - "an area of three villages where springs well out" as said by the Koreans. Enjoy interesting visits to agricultural fields, kindergarten and local shops.
Next drive up to Mt.Kumgang - meaning "diamond mountain" in Korean, the most impressive mountain in Korea. "If I were to die the day after seeing Kumgang, I would have no regrets", said the Chinese Song Dynasty poet Su Shi (1037-1101).

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Mount Kumgang

Upon arrival in Mt.Kumgang take a short walk round Samil Lagoon - widely known for its crystal clear water, rocky hills and thick forests. According to legend, a king planned to visit the lake for a day but was so amazed by its beauty that he stayed there for three days, hence the name Samil (three days). Finally enjoy some nice & quiet relaxation time by Sea Kumgang before checking in your hotel.

Dinner and overnight at OeKumgang Hotel.

This morning enjoy an easy hike along Kuryongyon Course - the most beautiful track in Outer Kumgang, about 7 - 8 km walk from Mokran restaurant to Kuryong (Nine Dragon) Waterfalls Enjoy lunch at Mokran Restaurant at the foot of Mt.Kumgang

Afternoon on the way back to Pyongyang we reach our final stop which is the Royal Tomb of King Tongmyong (58–19 BC), the founder of the ancient Koguryo dynasty. This site was added into UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004.

Return to Pyongyang
Dinner and overnight at Yanggakdo International Hotel.

After breakfast transfer to the airport for a Koryo flight to Beijing. On arrival transfer to your hotel for overnight. Leisure time in Beijing.
For those who have more time there is the option of an overnight train Pyongyang - Beijing.

13 Sep : BEIJING (-/-/-)
In due time transfer to airport for your flight home.
For rail passengers : Arrive in Beijing at 08:33 AM. Transfer to your hotel for overnight. Leisure time in Beijing.

14 Sep : DEPARTURE (B/-/-)
Breakfast at hotel. In due time transfer to airport for your flight home.

Please note :
We reserve the right to alter parts of the above itinerary if necessary should local circumstances dictate us to do so.