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Price : £3,495 per person

visit asia - tours to asia This tour is designed for those who have been to China major cities and now wish to travel to off-the-beaten tracks areas of China. Guangxi and Guizhou in South West China are just the right places. Come and discover breathtaking natural sceneries, ancient tribal villages and splendid cultural heritages.


Best time to go : April, Sept and Oct. ( except 01-07Oct.)

Price includes : Private car and English speaking guide, 4-star hotels with daily breakfast, first class seats on bullet trains Guangzhou-Guilin; Guiyang-Guangzhou, admission fees, permits to villages where required, lunch during visits, evening river show in Yangshuo.

Price excludes : Return flights to Guangzhou, Visa for China, stopovers in Hong Kong, evening meals, drinks, tipping and any service not specified.
Single supplement £1,295 per person

Day 1 Departure from the UK, fly to Guangzhou.

Upon arrival meeting with our representative and car transfer to Guangzhou railway station for a train ride to Guilin. On arrival car transfer to 4* Guilin Jin-Tone Hotel.

Day 3 GUILIN (B/L/-)
Take in the beauty of Guilin by visiting Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill and Seven Star Park. Reed Flute Cave is one of the most extraordinary sceneries in Guilin. These remarkable formations in the cave stun any visitors. visit asia - tours to asia
Elephant Trunk Hill looks like an elephant dipping its snout into the Li River, hence the name "Elephant Trunk Hill". This sight is very representative of the landscape around Guilin and is a symbol of Guilin itself.
Seven Star Park is the biggest park with the best natural environment in Guilin. It features fantastic hills, rivers, caves and rocks, including the famous spots like Follower Bridge, Camel Hill, and Seven Star Cave.

Morning enjoy a pleasant overland transfer Guilin - Yangshou ( 70 km, approx 1 hour drive ). On arrival check-in at Yangshuo New Century hotel. Rest of the day is at leisure. Rent a bike and do some cycling in town, or join in a cooking class to learn some Chinese cooking skills.
Evening show: Impression of Sister Liu Sanjie. This impressive performance on a background of natural mountains and water has become a must-see for visitors to Yangshuo, a lovely town aside Li River in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
Overnight at 4* Yangshuo New Century hotel.

Day 5 YANGSHUO (B/L/-)
Depart by road to Huangyao ancient town (130 km-2 hours drive )
Huangyao ancient town with a history of thousands of years, is situated in the northernmost tip of Zhaoping, Guangxi, China. It has long been known as a mini-Guilin for its typical development of Karst topography, covering an area of 3.6 square km. visit asia - tours to asia
The town is most famous for its mountains with caves, pavilions, temples, ancestor hills, old trees and tablets. Every corner of the town presents a typically Chinese scene and presents a marvelous photo opportunity. Huang Yao was built in 927 B.C. and was a flourishing and wealthy town then.
The town streets remain steady after hundreds of years. The layout of the town reflects southland style displaying the primitive simplicity with blue bricks and black tiles.
Overnight at 4* Yangshuo New Century hotel.

Day 6 YANGSHUO (B/L/-)
Free day in Yangshuo to enjoy a stroll in West Street. Sit down for a coffee and take in the beauty of this peaceful place.
Overnight at Yangshuo New Century Hotel

Morning scenic drive to Longsheng (100 km - approx 2.5 hours drive ) for Longsheng Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top. The rice terraces resemble a dragon's scales, while the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon, hence its name. Overnight at Longji Ping'an Hotel

Longsheng-Sanjiang ( 75 km, approx 1.5 hours drive )
Sanjiang-Zhaoxing( 170 km, approx 3.5 hours drive )
visit asia - tours to asiaContinue by road to Sanjiang then to Zhaxing crossing Wind and Rain Bridge Wind and Rain Bridge is a wooden covered corridor bridge, with pavilions and benches. People can rest on the bridge sitting or lying. Since the bridge shields people from wind, rain and sunshine, it is called the wind-and-rain Bridge, or sometimes "the flower bridge". For large-sized wind-and-rain bridges, the piers are made of big bluestone, upon which, big logs are spliced together by tenons, in a reversed pyramid, as the girder of the bridge. Upon these logs is the covering of the girder. In this way the openings have got a larger width. On the piers are pavilions, to add to the beauty of the bridge and the weight on both ends of the beams, and to increase the stability of the bridge body. Pavilions mostly have five layers of eaves, with a quadrangular or hexagonal roof, which is a spire or a long ridge; both practical and of artistic value.
Overnight in Zhaoxing at Zhaoxing Inn. visit asia - tours to asia

Today discover Tang An Old Village on the southern side of Mount Longte while Zhaoxing is on the north. After 20 minutes of climbing, one will be standing on the summit with a breathtaking panoramic view of the village of Zhaoxing. Overnight at Zhaoxing Inn

Day 10 ZHAOXING/RONGJIANG (B/L/-) ( 160 km, approx 3 hours drive )
Today more ancient villages to visit : Basha Miao Village, Sanbao Dong Village.
visit asia - tours to asiaBasha Miao Village: The custom of drinking a bowl of mandatory rice wine has been remained among people in Miao village. One of the distinguishing features of Miao’s culture is that they pass down their history by embroidery for there is no available written language. The Miao woman, known for her fine embroidery skill, begins to make her ceremonial clothing since she has fully learnt the art. Lusheng, a kind of Chinese wind instrument, is highly developed by Miao. The other unique feature of Basha people is that they are allowed to carry guns.
visit asia - tours to asiaSanbao Dong Village lies in Rongjiang County of Guizhou. Walking along in the corridor of Dong culture, one seems to open a long piece of painting with the great harmony of people and land.
In the village, everything is simple and far from the influence of modern city life. Only the murmur of the little brooks, the happy songs of Dong People and the rhythmic beating of the rods for laundry will provide the occasional sounds of daily life. The verdant mountains, simple but elegant houses and the smiling faces of Dong People make this village a memorable place.
Overnight at Rongjiang Dongxiangmi Hotel

Day 11 RONGJIANG - KAILI(B/L/-) (200km, approx 4 hours drive )
Todays' highlights : Leigong Mountain, Datang short-skirt Miao Village, 40 minutes’ hiking on Paika to Shuidian, Jidao long-skirt Miao village.
visit asia - tours to asiaLeigong Mountain is the cradle of the main stream of the Qingshuijiang River and the Duliujiang River. This is a beautiful place with flowers blooming in four seasons and non-stop birds twittering. It has abundant natural vegetations and rich rain fall. Besides the ornamental plants, there are also many medicinal plants. The Leigong Mountain is also home to a large number of rare animals like black bear, pangolin, giant salamander, macaque and Jiaoguai.
Datang Short-skirt Miao Village is located about 15 km from Leishan County Village. Datang Miao Village stands out from other Miao villages in the region because of the distinctive style of dress worn by Miao females in the village. visit asia - tours to asiaAll the females in Datang Miao Village wear extremely short skirts, as short as 10 cm long in some instances. The most amazing thing about this is that they wear their micro skirt all year round, even in freezing winter. While the sight of "miniskirts" is not unusual for Westerners – for many Chinese people it takes some time getting used to it.
Jidao Long-skirt Miao village is set in idyllic surroundings and populated by ethnic Miao people. Village life is simple and children play as their parents tend fields of lush, organically grown vegetables surrounded by towering pine forests. Elderly women stoke fires in traditional wooden houses, some hundreds of years old.
Overnight at Grand Metro Park Hotel
visit asia - tours to asia
Day 12 KAILI - ZHENYUAN(B/L/-) (145 km, approx 2.5 hours drive )
Wangba Gejia village is situated north of Kaili and near Chong' An River. On the 26th of September (lunar calendar) Lusheng Festival takes place here. The Miao people sing folk songs, dance to the music of Lusheng, and race the horse, etc... Gejia people is a branch of Miao ethnic, but have their own language, costume, habits, belief, and etiquette. Wander around the village for a close touch with Gejia people. Overnight at Fucheng Hotel

Highlights : Wuyang River, Black Dragon cave visit asia - tours to asia
Wuyang River is famous for its picturesque mountain scenereis and gently flowing water. Covering 400 square kilometers, this scenic spot combines perfectly with the places of historic interest, the natural beauty and the customs of the tribal people.
The Black Dragon Cave (aka Qinglong Cave) located at the foot of Zhonghe Mountain along the banks of Wuyang River nearby Zhenyuan, is not a natural cave but an ancient architectural complex constructed on a narrow belt of 40m wide, 300 m long, under a cliff. Overnight at Grand Metro Park Hotel.

Day 14 KAILI - GUIYANG (B/L/-) (200 km, approx 2.5 hours drive )
Drive to Guiyang stopping en route for Qingman Miao village.
visit asia - tours to asiaQingman Miao village is built on a mountainous slope approximately 23 km to the southwest of Kaili City, Guizhou Province of southwest China. There are more than 300 households with a population of over 1,600. The residential houses on the slope are constructed in an orderly manner like layers of a wedding cake, but appreciating Miao people's costumes might be the highlight of a village tour.
Qingman Miao Walled Village still maintains its traditional textile work, delicate embroideries and ancient cloth dyeing. Usually Miao women do not use paper to draft anything before they do needlework to weave kinds of beautiful patterns. Lifelike images of animals, birds, fishes and flowers on the women's garments are made by women themselves.
Next we visit Shiqiao village where villagers still earn a living by producing and selling hand-made papers and products for house decoration, lanterns, etc...
Overnight at 4* Novotel Hotel in Guiyang city.

In due time car transfer to Guiyang Railway station to board a morning train to Guangzhou. On arrival car transfer to Guangzhou Airport for flight home.

Day 16 Arrive home